N.I. 19.21. Transportando entre UK y UE

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1. Nº 1 9 . 2 1 Madrid, 3 de febrero de 20 2 1 T RA NSPORTANDO ENTRE UK Y UE

2. Nº 1 9 . 2 1 Madrid, 3 de febrero de 20 2 1 T RA NSPORTANDO ENTRE UK Y UE Durante este primer mes de Brexit , los transportistas están encontrando dificultades para la entrada desde el R eino U nido a la U nión E uropea debidas , sobre todo , a que los exportadores británicos no están realizando correctamente los trámites de exportación y no proporcionan las referencias correctas a los transportistas. La directora del Servicio de Aduanas del R eino U nido nos propo rciona una serie de videos y páginas web que explican c ó mo se realizan estos trámites, e invita a una serie de webinars en la materia. Esta información puede ser útil tanto para los transportistas como, especialmente, los exportadores e importadores de mercancías . View in browser Transition Update If your client’s business moves goods between Great Britain and countries in the EU, they’ll need to follow new customs and tax rules. We know this means change for many businesses, and HMRC is here to help you and them in several ways. You can: • watch our videos on HMRC's YouTube channel to familiarise yourself with the new customs processes and what your client needs to do before they trade goods with the EU • attend our webinars to find out what they need to do now to adjust to the new rules and keep their business moving

4. Access the National Cyber Security Centre’s new guide on how to stay secure online and protect yourself or your business against cyber crime by searching 'Cyber Aware' on GOV .U K. Yours sincerely Katherine Green and Sophie Dean Directors General, Borders and Trade, HMRC Stay safe online If you think that an email is suspicious please report it to [email protected] . For more information please visit our security pages at GOV.UK and search 'Avoid and rep ort internet scams and phishing'. Subscriber Preferences | Contact Us | Help | Unsubscribe Please feel free to use this information and pass it on. Support For more information and support from HMRC please visit our help and support pages . C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 74, 3 planta - 28006 MADRID Tlf.: 91 451 48 01 / 07 – Fax: 91 395 28 23 E - mail: [email protected] Nota: Prohibida la edición, distribución y puesta en red, total o parcial, de esta información si n la autorización de A ST I C

3. • the trader checklist is also still available on GOV .UK to make sure you’re familiar with the new rules that affect your client's bu siness – use our updated guides to understand the new customs and VAT requirements when moving goods between Great Britain and EU countries • there’s also a series of webinars and videos from other government departments to support you and your clients • you can also sign up to our weekly email updates on ' News and information about importing and exporting with the EU ', which provide hints and tips for businesses like your client's to get used to the new rules for importing and exporting. Webinars to register for now Exporting: what you need to do to keep your goods moving : An overview of the actions to take now when exporting goods from Great Britain to the EU and moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Key processes include – zero - rated VAT, customs declarations, using an intermediar y as well as licences, certificates, and authorisations. Please register to take part if your client's business is planning to export. Trader responsibilities when using an intermediary : This webinar explains your clients responsibilities as a trader, if they choose to use an intermediary to complete import or export declarations for their business. These are complex and an intermediary can save your client a lot of time. Please register to take part if your client's business is planning to import or export. What are customs import declarations? : If your client's business imports goods, they'll need to make customs import declarations on controlled goods and all goods by the end of June 2021. Our w ebinar helps your client's to understand more about them, including what’s needed for simplified declarations, supplementary declarations, and delayed import declarations. Please register to take part if your client's business is planning to import. Importing: What you need to know about Staged Controls : This webinar takes you through the three stages of the new border controls introduced on 1 January 2021, and what actions your client's business needs to take for each stage. Please register to take part if your client's business is planning to import. Contact us Call our Customs & International Trade helpline on 0300 322 9434, for more help with importing, exporting or customs reliefs. The helpline is open from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 4pm at week ends. You, or your client, can also send us your questions or webchat . Protect yourself from scams Stay vigilant about scams, which may mimic government messages as a way of appearing authentic. Search 'scams' on GOV .UK for information on how to recognise genuine HMRC contact. You can also forward suspicious emails claiming to be from HMRC to [email protected] and texts to 60599.


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