N.I. 56.21. UK. Pruebas sistema TI

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1. Nº 5 6 . 2 1 Madrid, 2 1 de junio de 20 2 1 UK. PRUEBAS SISTEMA TI

3. me have their contact details by mid - June. We will then organise live event with the interested parties to discuss in detail how the process will work, and what support arrangements we will have in place to during the testing. Hauliers play a key role in the Customs Journey; We will use real life customer scenarios to test our IT systems to ensure that both the IT System and its users are ready and prepared for the 1st January 2022. We will have relevant support teams within HMRC in place to assist you during this phase. This testing period will run from mid - August for a period of two m onths with additional opportunities to extend the window based on test results and your feedback ” . C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 74, 3 planta - 28006 MADRID Tlf.: 91 451 48 01 / 07 – Fax: 91 395 28 23 E - mail: [email protected] Nota: Prohibida la edición, distribución y puesta en red, total o parcial, de esta información si n la autorización de A ST I C

2. Nº 5 6 . 2 1 Madrid, 21 de junio de 20 2 1 UK. PRUEBAS SISTEMA TI En vista de los controles aduaneros completos que se introducirán en el Reino Unido a partir del 1 de enero de 2022, la aduana de dicho país está buscando voluntarios: transportistas dispuestos a participar en las pruebas del nuevo sistema de TI de las aduanas de Su Majestad HMRC. Cre emos que también puede ser una buena formación para vosotros si sois de los transportistas que mueven las mercancías hacia y desde el Reino Unido con regularidad. Si existe por vuestra parte un potencial interés, h acéd n oslo saber y env iadnos los datos de contacto (lo antes posible) de la / s persona / s de tu empresa que deseen partici par en el ensayo . A continuación, sigue con más detalles el mensaje del contacto de HMRC : As outlined in the Border Operating Model, HMRC will be implementing the Pre - Lodgement model at agreed ports for EU Exports & Imports u sing the new IT system, Goods Vehicle Movement Service from January 2022. With full customs controls due to be implemented from this date, HMRC wants to actively support the industry to be ready for the changes, and to ensure a smooth transition when full customs controls come into force. We plan to do this by providing an opportunity for hauliers to help test our Customs Systems and associated processes. We are looking for volunteers from the Haulier community and would like to work with the relevant associations to obtain details of any volunteers you may think appropriate. If possible, can you please canvass your members and if they are willing to participate, let


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