N.I. 57.21. Polonia. Nuevo sistema eTOLL

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1. Nº 57.21 Madrid, 29 de junio de 2021 POLONIA. NUEVO SISTEMA eTOLL

4. information. The hotline operates 24 hours a day in Polish, English, German and Russian. Users can ask consultants for help at the following telep hone numbers: 800 101 101 - free number for landline users in Poland +48 22 521 10 10 - payable number for mobile phone users and for fo reign users - connection fee in accordance with the operator's price list. Users can also e-mail to [email protected] Ques tions can be sent by letter to the address of the Ministry of Finance. Next stages of the project Soon, a free e-TOLL PL mobile application will be m ade available in Google Play and App Store. It will be one of the tools for transmitting geolocation data to the e-TOLL system and data on the transport of sensitive goods to the SEN T system. The application will enable payments on toll roads. In the first half of June this year. The first Cust omer Service Points for e-TOLL users will be launched and toll collection in the new system will start.

2. Nº 57.21 Madrid, 29 de junio de 2021 POLONIA. NUEVO SISTEMA eTOLL En junio de 2021, Polonia introdujo un nuevo sistema de peaje (eTOLL) para todos los vehículos con una masa vehicular bruta de más de 3,5 toneladas. Esto incluyó vehículos de mercancías, autobuses, autocares y turismos con remolque. El sistema eTOLL eventualmente reemplazará al actual viaTOLL. La fecha límite no será posterior al 30 de septiembre de 2021, pero aún no se conoce la fecha exacta. Habrá un período de transición hasta la fecha límite durante el cual eTOLL y viaTOLL se pueden utilizar en paralelo. Puede encontrar más información sobre cómo prepararse para el uso del sistema eTOLL en el folleto en inglés adjunto. Fuente: ZMPD C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 74, 3 planta - 28006 MADRID Tlf.: 91 451 48 01 / 07 – Fax: 91 395 28 23 E-mail: [email protected] Nota: Prohibida la edición, distribución y puesta en red, total o parcial, de esta información si n la autorización de A ST IC

5. Do you know that the new e-TOLL toll collection system will be launched in June? The e-TOLL system is a modern solution based on satellite positioning technology and wireless data transmission. It will enable the payment of an electronic toll for the travel of heavy vehicles (with a GVM exceeding 3.5 tons, including buses and passenger cars with a trailer) on toll sections of motorways, expressways, and national roads in Poland. It will replace the existing viaTOLL system. The e-TOLL system will be launched in June 2021 . There is a transitional period in which both toll collection systems will operate - e-TOLL and viaTOLL. The final date for the expiration of the viaTOLL system will be confirmed soon and will take place no later than 30 September 2021. How to use e-TOLL? 1. Register in the e-TOLL system today. Find out how to do it on etoll.gov.pl 2. Select the method of data transfer to the system. You can choose: • a free e-TOLL PL application, it will be available on Google Play and APP STORE • ZSL (External Location System) – see the current list of approved ZSL operators • OBU (On-Board-Unit) – see the current list of approved OBU suppliers 3. Specify the payment method for travel. You can choose: • a prepayment billing account • a settlement account in the periodic payment mode with security As part of e-TOLL, it will be possible to use the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). The e-TOLL system brings benefits to users: • no need to conclude contracts, registration in e-TOLL is enough • possibility to choose a tool for data transfer to the system Internet Customer Account (IKK) with comprehensive online service without the need to visit Customer Service Points • modern forms of payment and communication channels available 24/7 • e-TOLL and SENT service in one mobile application • intermediation of fleet card operators (FCI) in registration and fees etoll.gov.pl Do you have any questions? • call Customer Service Call Center 800 101 101 toll-free number for landline users in Poland +48 22 521 10 10 toll number for mobile phone users and for users from abroad / information in Polish, English, German and Russian • e-mail [email protected] • visit Customer Service Points. The list of open MOKs will be available on etoll.gov.pl Go to etoll.gov.pl and find out more. Toll Collector: Head of the National Revenue Administration Ministry of Finance, 12 Świętokrzyska, 00-916 Warsaw

3. Registration in the e-TOLL system has been launched  The Ministry of Finance in Poland has launched regi stration in the e-TOLL system and the Telephone Customer Service Center.  Registration is a short and intuitive process that c an be completed online.  Another stage of implementing the new system will b e the launch of toll collection in the e-TOLL system in June this year. “We are providing our customers with the key module of the e-TOLL system, i.e., the Online Customer Account. It is possible to register users and vehicles in the new system today. We are also launching a helpline that will support e-TOLL users around the clock” informs Magdalena Rzeczkowska, head of the National Tax Administratio n. “The e-TOLL system is a great challenge and a revol utionary change for both the administration and its users. This is a big step towards digital t ransformation in the field of road transport. The solutions we are implementing primarily offer moder n and intuitive tools for payments on toll roads, to be a convenience for users” adds the Depu ty Minister Rzeczkowska. How to register Registration in the e-TOLL system is possible onlin e at etoll.gov.pl and via the e-Tax Office. Ultimately, users will also be able to do it:  at e-TOLL Customer Service Points  through selected fleet card operators Intuitive online registration will enable quick cre ation of an Online Customer Account. Online Customer Account Users will be able to use the services of the e-TOL L system from the level of an individual Online Customer Account; it will enable the followi ng:  online registration (authentication methods: Truste d Profile, mObywat, login and password)  e-TOLL data and service management in one place  pre-pay and post-pay payment methods available  full online service management o all financial documents available in one place o possibility of using fast online payments o automatic notifications about required payments o communication with the Toll Collector  different levels of user authorization, e.g., admini strator, accountant, driver  full online management of the registered vehicles User support The Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Admini stration have launched the Telephone Customer Service Center. It will support users when registering in the system and provide


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